Bobbi Kristina

For the past week I have been earnestly praying for Bobbi Kristina; daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston. As a woman who has lost a mother, I can identify with the grief and loss that Bobbi Kristina has been feeling since her mother died in 2012. For days, media outlets of posted conflicting stories about Bobbi Kristina

  • In a coma

  • Husband banned from hospital

  • Family gathers to say good-bye

  • Bobbi Kristina braindead

  • Drugs found in the home

I can go on and on but I think you get my drift. Since Whitney Houston’s death, the media,

fans, celebrities and so many have judged this girl, ridiculed her, gossiped about her

and seemingly overlooked her in the recent biopic that aired on Lifetime just a few weeks ago. What many have forgotten is that Bobbi Kristina is a girl who lost a mother, barely out of her teens and had to face life the best way she knew how. To this day, people continue to grieve the loss of Whitney — if strangers feel a sense of loss of such a beautiful icon, we can only image the level of grief Bobbi Kristina endured.

Let us continue to pray for Bobbi Kristina, keeping in mind that while she may seem like an adult at the age of 21, she and I dare to say all 21 year-olds need the covering of adults and mentors. My heart truly goes out to her and I pray that she recovers from this tragic situation.