Do Less to Be Productive

“Do Less to Do More” is the title of a blog post I read recently. It piqued my interest –specifically, the words “do less.” It’s an interesting concept that doing less might actually bring us greater results.

Studies show that women are increasingly affected by their busy lifestyles and are suffering from stress-related illnesses. Doing less sounds like a wonderful idea; however, it often feels like a distant dream. Many women, such as myself, often have multiple responsibilities, people to care for, children to take care of, career obligations and more. You may ask yourself the question, with all of my obligations to family, friends and colleagues, how might I possibly do less?

Sometimes we simply need a “seventh inning stretch.” For those familiar with baseball, this term is very familiar. But if you’ve never attended a baseball game, allow me to share Wikipedia’s definition of “seventh inning stretch.”

• It’s a tradition that takes place between the halves of the seventh inning of a game – in the middle of the seventh inning • Fans generally stand up and stretch out their arms and legs • Fans often walk around during the seventh inning stretch • It’s a popular time to get a late game snack • The seventh inning stretch is also a time for the players to get a break

Once the seventh inning stretch is over, fans return to their seats replenished and refreshed, and players, after receiving the opportunity to regroup, return to the field rejuvenated with renewed energy and often a revised strategy to win the game.

Maybe it’s time for us, “busy women,” to take a seventh inning stretch. No matter how tense the situation, or how late it is in the day, count on a seventh inning stretch. Maybe we should take a break from our hectic schedules, our stressful jobs and other obligations so that we can stretch out our arms and legs, refuel our bodies with healthy eating habits and exercise or simply be still. I have gone to baseball games where teams were losing badly; however, after the seventh inning stretch, the players returned to the field with new strategy, different players and a goal to win… and won!

If we take the time to consistently take a seventh inning stretch, we might see greater results by doing less. Include that much-needed break in all aspects of your life, family, career, school and personal endeavors. Schedule a seventh inning stretch, commit to doing less for a period of time so that you can try something new, refuel, recharge… and win!