Facebook About To Invade My Car

According to a report on freep.com and Bloomberg, General Motors’ announced its plans to integrate Onstar with Facebook allowing subscribers to have text messages and Facebook status updates read to them while driving. Drivers can also update their status and respond to text messages with voice command.

As a new subscriber to OnStar, I’m pleased with its current features and have often wondered when someone would create an application that will allow me to respond to text messages without having to wait for the next red light. Applications are constantly being developed to meet the needs of this tech-driven culture. I will be first in line to subscribe to the newest OnStar technology; however, I wonder what lies ahead for social networking. It is seemingly taking over our daily lives, infiltrating our relationships, friendships and careers. My car serves as the one place of solitude where I can shut-out the world, colleagues, friends and just enjoy some much-needed “me” time. I value my life and the lives of others so when the text alert goes off on my phone, I’m forced to ignore it because I don’t want that split second it can take to cause a car accident to happen. But, with the impending launch of voice command via OnStar, my sanctuary is about to be interrupted and I’m excited! I’m looking forward to expanding my social networking experience while driving.

We’ll anxiously await OnStar’s September 15th announcement of what they refer to as its “relaunch” to accommodate 21st century services. And as rumor has it, these services may very include the integration of Facebook and Text messaging voice command right from your car.