From Visualization to Reality

“Through imagination, we can visualize the un-credited worlds of potential that lie within us.” – Stephen Covey

The beauty of the crimson orange sunset was peeking through the venetian blinds, the deep brown antique lamp stood in the corner slightly removed from the wall alongside the oversized plush beige chair. A closed journal along with gently used books lined the coffee table which sat approximately two feet below family pictures that hung on the soft yellow wall. Marvin Gaye’s hit song, “What’s Going On” was playing in the background as my mother hummed the tune while walking into the living room to hand me a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

There were no computers, tablets, mobile devices or social media available as I was growing up. The set of Britannica encyclopedias that sat on the family bookshelf was our Google. Couldn’t find what I wanted there? Then the local library; which was located just one block away on the corner was another place to do research. Blogging platforms such as WordPress didn’t exist, there was no Evernote for jotting down my thoughts, I only had my journal; which sat on the coffee table waiting patiently for me to fill its pages with a story that was waiting to be told. As I listened to another Marvin Gaye song, “Get to This” play on the radio, my mother’s humming turned to singing and the joy in her voice gave me such a warm feeling that I immediately placed my hot mug of hot chocolate on the coffee table, grabbed my journal and pen and began to write.

As a young girl, much of my inspiration came directly from my mother. The atmosphere was always just right, cozy, music that made us smile, music that made me think and an outdoor view that always reminded me of nature’s beauty. As an adult, the memories of those secure, quiet moments at home, in my living room with my mom nearby allow me to ability to keep reaching towards my potential. And while I know I can never go back into time, I know that in this present time, those memories are real and will forever be with me. I’m grateful for that place that I can always return to in my mind and I know that through my imagination, I can visualize my untapped potential and have faith that what I visualize will come to pass. In my early years of life, my mother inspired me to dream, inspired me to walk in my potential. In that living room, the journal and those books that sat alone on the coffee table was my introduction to the world of writing and reading and that place will reside in me forever.

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