Social Media Resolutions for The New Year!

Are you making a list of New Year Resolutions? It might be a great idea to take a look at your social networks and add a few resolutions that will make time spent on social media more effective.

Here are a few social media resolutions to consider:

  1. Re-evaluate your social media goals. Have a long-term and short-term goal. With social media constantly evolving, it might be a good idea to evaluate your goals every three months.

  2. Take advantage of the latest features on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.Twitter now allows you to view and download every single tweet you’ve ever sent. According to Twitter, everyone will have access to this feature in the coming weeks.

  3. Spice up your e-Newsletter. Add video messages and eye-catching graphics in your e-newsletters.

  4. Use photo-sharing websites such as Pinterest and Instagram to highlight products, customers & special events. Pinterest is a great way to promote products and share your interests with others.

  5. Take advantage of content curation tools such as Storify, Pinterest, Delicious and Google Reader. Content curation is the process by which you can sort through all of the vast content on the web and organize the content around a specific theme or topic. Use content curation tools to brand your message effectively to your target audience.

  6. Join or start a Google+ community or Twitter chat. Connect with others that share similar interests. Set a networking goal and meet at least 3 new people a week via social networks.

  7. Use Slideshare for PowerPoint presentations. Slideshare allows users to keep PowerPoint presentations in one location. Users are provided with a custom url link for their slideshare page.

  8. Schedule social media into your day. The worst thing you can do you is set up a social media account and not use it. Schedule time to post quality content, meet people and participate in online discussions.

  9. Go Mobile. Mobile web usage is increasing. A recent study shows that mobile sales have become bigger than PC sales. Optimize your website for mobile phone users.

  10. Focus on social media platforms that work best for you.

Choose quality over quantity. Identify the social media platforms that give the best results and focus your attention on building brand awareness on that particular network.

Don’t be afraid to start small. If you’re new to social media, it’s ok to focus on one social network at a time. If you prefer Facebook, then devote your time to building your audience on that platform. If Twitter is your network of choice, then commit to building and strengthening relationships in the Twitterverse.

This post was originally published on the New York Women in Communications blog Aloud.

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