Social Media... The New 'Diary' for Private Thoughts

Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become the new diary for men and women alike. There was a time when our private thoughts, our fears, concerns and inner desires were kept under lock and key via a “diary.” In my childhood, I remember trying to identify the perfect hiding place for the key to my diary to avoid the chance of my mother coming across the key and unlocking the “Pandora’s box” to my life. Privacy no longer seems to be an issue for today’s social networking generation. Several times a day, whenever I login to Facebook, I undoubtedly come across someone’s private thoughts. There are times when I feel like I’m truly invading the privacy of the writer. Is it really important for us to know that you’re depressed, angry with the world, recently dumped by your boyfriend, just cussed out your BFF or better yet, just walked in a puddle of “urine” while walking to the train station. I’m a social media enthusiast; I love social networking and enjoy my Internet escapes. However; at what point does it become TMI (Too Much Information). If you’re having a problem with your girlfriend, is it really necessary for the all 3000 of your FB friends to know and publicly give their opinion on the situation for the entire world to see? Maybe it’s just me, but I think some things should still remain private; there are situations that should be left to the imagination and left under lock and key. Once we press the “send” key there is no taking it back. Even if you decide to remove the post, chances are one of your friends have already read your status. I’m not writing anything new and I’m sure you’ve heard this before. I leave you with this, be careful with what you put out their in cyber space. You may have 3000 FB friends, but you must ask yourself the question “are these people really my friends?” If I had a crisis, would they be there for me? When I post a status about the most intimate detail of my life, do they really have my best interest at heart or do they see it as an opportunity to “share” your misfortune with others? Lastly, when you negatively include others in your status update, do you take into consideration that you are opening the door for that person to be publicly humiliated and if so, is it worth it? Is it fair for you to include your private moments, setbacks, disagreements, etc., with others on a public wall? Social networking is great and definitely is a great opportunity to network, make friends, reconnect and stay connected with others. Also, keep in mind that if not used properly, it has the potential to hurt, destroy, demean and ruin people, friendships, relationships and marriages. Don’t allow the technology to dictate the fate of your personal relationships. It’s simply not worth the risk.