The Year of Yes

It would be an understatement to say that I love Shonda Rhimes. She has truly broken through glass ceilings and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. Needless to say, when she published her book, The Year of Yes, I was beyond excited to read it. The book shed so much insight into her personal and professional growth. The tone, her style of storytelling is personal, funny and engaging.

In her book, Shonda Rhimes shares insightful nuggets, and exposed me to some of my own professional struggles. One thing that resonated with me was Rhimes’ transparency about how she struggled with owning her success. The word “just,” became her motto. “I’m just a writer,” was the way in which she referred to herself. “I still couldn’t own being powerful. I tried hard to make myself smaller. As small as possible… Every time I won an award or something big happened, I worked to appear a little bit sillier and sweeter and simpler in the face of my greatness.” She goes on to say “I wanted everyone else to feel comfortable. Funny thing is no one ever asked me to do it.” How many can relate to that statement?

The Year of Yes is a transforming journey – a Must Read for all! Watch Shonda Rhimes’ Ted Talk (below) as she gives you a glimpse of her year of yes.

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