Timeline for Brand Pages is Here

It's official, the FB Timeline has made its debut for brand pages. Over the past few weeks I've heard complaints about this unsolicited change to FB Fan pages.  There are several advantages to the Timeline and a great opportunity for small businesses especially, to maximize the potential of Timeline.

According to a recent researcher report, brands are getting an estimated 46% increased engagement with FB Timeline. Be prepared to experiment with different marketing approaches. Creatively implement marketing and PR strategies that take advantage of timeline features.

Timeline for Brand pages gives administrators access to their Insights Analytics platform; which is a great way to track page visits.

The cover image replaces the default landing tab. I think the cover photo option is one of Timeline's best features. The dimensions of for the cover photo are 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. Depending on the nature of your business, the cover photo may be used to promote products, promotions, events and more. Essentially, the cover photo is the first image viewers will see when they visit your page. So why not use this real estate area to highlight that special event or product.  The opportunities provided with this feature are numerous and should definitely be used to your advantage.

Social media is all about building relationships and the launch of Timeline is a great way to engage your customers and include them in your branding strategy. Say good-bye to stock images that are often found on websites. Personalize your customer relationship by inviting customers and clients to submit pictures of them using your product. The cover photo is your personal billboard without the expense. You can update the image as often as you like and be as creative as possible.

Facebook timeline is a great way to highlight your business goals, achievements and promotions.  The admin area allows users to insert milestones throughout their timeline. Share information that includes company product launch, when company was founded, and other accomplishments. The fact is Timeline for brands is here, so why not make the best of it. Below are some tips on how to effectively engage users with your Timeline:

  • Post content relative your brand as frequently as possible

  • Invest time in creating an eye-catching cover photo

  • Use cover photo to promote your brand

  • Incorporate customers into your branding strategy

  • Include video related to your brand or service as often as possible

  • Engage with your customers

  • Don't neglect the call to action

Since the March 30 automatic conversion of theTimeline layout, you may have already set up your cover image. Many brands have implemented some creative cover photos that are likely to increase engagement. Below are a few brand timeline covers that may inspire you:

  1. www.facebook.com/nywici

  2. www.facebook.com/vogue

  3. www.facebook.com/cocacola

  4. www.facebook.com/SipThis

  5. www.facebook.com/target

  6. www.facebook.com/blackenterprise

  7. www.facebook.com/gacny

  8. www.facebook.com/tdjministries