"Transparent:" It's More Than Sexuality

The beauty parlor has truly become my new virtual office. It must be the baritone whirling sound of the hot air dryer, or the huge purple rollers pinned tightly to my scalp or simply knowing that in less than an hour’s time I will feel brand new. To me, the beauty parlor is a metamorphosis, a time of renovation and renewal. I walk through those doors feeling the weight of the world and walk out ready to face the world… well, for at least the next 7 days. Then it’s back to the beauty parlor. For those of you who don’t know, what I call the beauty parlor is what many of you call the “hair salon.” Either way, it’s my place of rejuvenation and what has now become my writer’s den.

Since May 16, 2011, the trending topic across media platforms has been about CNN anchor, Don Lemon openly revealing that he is gay. In his memoir “Transparent,” Lemon shares details about his career, life and for the first time, publicly reveals his sexuality. In recent weeks, many have written blog posts and articles that focused entirely on his “coming out.” Lemon has used Social Networks to tweet with his fans, friends and supporters about his sexuality. I feel as if I was among the first to have read the book. But my curiosity wasn’t to find any lewd, intimate details about the sexual molestation Lemon experienced as a child. No, I wanted to know about Don Lemon the multiple Emmy award-winning journalist. I can’t help but think that Lemon’s professional accomplishments and hurdles that he’s so diligently overcome, have been lost in all the media coverage about his sexuality.

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in broadcast journalism. “Transparent” is not just a book about a man coming out of the closet. In fact, there is only one chapter in which Lemon actually speaks in depth about his sexual orientation. When I share my opinion to others about how I believe the rich content of Lemon’s academic and professional triumphs are actually lost by his “coming out,” the immediate feedback I receive is that Lemon chose to reveal his sexuality in this way in order to increase book sales. Call me naïve, but I refuse to believe that. However, the businesswoman inside of me has not completely cast that thought aside.

The truth of the matter is “Transparent” is sort of a “coming of age” type of book. The man behind the desk at CNN studio has a story that I believe will impact the lives of many. He is a man on a mission and I appreciate his Transparency.

Well, the dryer has stopped and the part of my brain that is used for intricate thinking has also seemingly stopped. So there it is, the closed sign to my virtual office has been placed on the door and the den is officially closed… until my next appointment at the beauty parlor.