Your Purpose Fulfilled

Sunday evening, I watched Oprah’s Master Class featuring Maya Angelou and Whoopi Goldberg. These two interviews, along with the Iconoclasts interview with Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou were life-changing and inspiring to say the least. It was a reminder that we should pursue our goals and fulfill our God-given purpose. Maya Angelou is quoted as saying, “ try to live your life in a way that you don’t regret years of wasted virtue.” If we’re not pursuing our goals and taking steps to identify our calling, it is likely that we are living beneath our potential.

We all have talents and gifts that will help us achieve our personal and professional goals. And while obstacles may often cause us to take a detour, that detour should not lead us toward a dead-end. In her interview, Whoopi Goldberg shared that she too faced obstacles at the early stages of her comedic career. Some obstacles certainly have the potential to stop us in our tracks. However, Whoopi, determined to succeed, innovatively created her own opportunity that ultimately opened doors that she could’ve never imagined. If you have the opportunity to watch this particular episode of Oprah’s Master Class I encourage you to do so. But my point is that obstacles will likely come in your path, however, it is your response to the obstacle that will determine your level of success.

Another quote that I often reference also comes from Maya Angelou. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” Is there an untold story inside of you worth telling? If the answer is yes, then by all means, tell your story. Tell your story through writing, acting, parenting, dancing, singing or teaching. Your story can be a life-altering experience for someone else. Your story can be the birth of business, creatively supporting a cause that helps children or the homeless. Whatever your story… pursue it. With the ongoing growth of technology, we have resources readily available that will give us a platform for our story to be told.

Maya Angelou and Whoopi Goldberg are just examples of women who weren’t afraid to tell their story. There are countless others. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s story was the birth of Facebook, Steve Jobs innovation and motivation led him to tell his story by changing the world of technology and Dr. Alexa Irene Canady told her story by becoming the first African-American and first woman neurosurgeon in the United States. You have a purpose… we all have a purpose to fulfill. Even if that purpose is as simple (and not often simple) as writing a blog post, write it. If you have no words to put to paper, then use a picture. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s your story; therefore, you get to tell the story in the manner in which you see fit.

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